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Georgia Southern QB Arrested When Cops Mistake Bird Poop for Cocaine!

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Wow. I didn’t believe it until I watched the arrest video.

Cops actually mistook Bird poop for cocaine on the car of Georgia Southern’s quarterback, Shai Werts, during an arrest last month— everything was caught on tape.

Shai Werts can be heard on video saying “I play football, I don’t do cocaine.” While cops continued to insist that he was lying.

Shai Werts was pulled over on July 31 in Clinton, South Carolina after cops say he was speeding. During the stop, Werts was handcuffed and placed in the back seat of the officer’s vehicle while they searched his Dodge Charger.

After inspecting the front of the car and allegedly discovering a foreign white substance they asked Werts “What’s the white stuff on the front of your hood, man?

Werts immediately responds, “Bird Sh*t”

Werts was originally charged with misdemeanor cocaine possession and speeding, and was also suspended from GSU team activities after the arrest. However, late Thursday (Aug 8, 2019) prosecutors announced they were dropping the charges, admitting the substance on his car was NOT cocaine.

Check our the full video below.

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