Woman Holds Four Black Teens At Gun Point While Fundraising!

Jerri Kelly, 46, was arrested and hit with several charges after allegedly forcing four teenage boys who were fundraising to the ground and holding them at gunpoint.

The teens, student athletes wearing football jerseys, were fundraising door to door in their Arkansas neighborhood selling discount cards for their school sports program.

Investigators responded to a "suspicious persons" report to find the boys on the ground with a woman standing by with a gun, police said.

The boys told police they were scared and thought they were going to get shot in the head. They said Kelly shouted at them, told them to get down and spread their legs and place their arms behind their backs, and called them liars when they said they were fundraising for school. When one of the boys reportedly tried swatting at a mosquito, Kelly allegedly told him she'd shoot if he didn't stop moving.

WOW.. this is America.