Nurse Says Black COVID-19 Patients Are Being Murdered By Negligent Doctors

It seems as though nothing and no one is getting better as the days age since the Coronavirus entered our country. To make things worst, A frontline nurse treating coronavirus patients in New York City is exposing negligent doctors who are “literally murdering” people every day, but “nobody cares because they’re all minorities.”

Nicole Sirotek, an ICU nurse from Nevada is currently working in NYC hospitals. She recently posted a video on YouTube sharing her horrific experiences. She talks about how gross negligence and mismanagement are causing the deaths of minority coronavirus patients every day.

She said: “They’re not dying of COVID. Yes people are going to die of COVID, I know this, I’m not like a new grad student. I am literally saying they’re murdering these people. And nobody cares because they’re all minorities and we’re in the f**king hood and that’s not okay.”

watch the full video below.