Black Woman Killed in Her Home by Police Serving Warrant at Wrong Address!

It seems as if the black community just can't catch a break. A Kentucky woman was shot and killed by police in March after they executed a drug warrant on the wrong home, according to a lawsuit by the victim's family. 26-year-old Breonna Taylor, who’d been working on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic with EMT, was fatally shot around 1 a.m. on March 13th by Louisville Metro Police Department officers.

According to the lawsuit, Louisville police executed a 'no knock' warrant at the home of Bronna Taylor. Taylor was sleeping at the time, in the bedroom with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker, when they heard the commotion. Walker thought it was a break-in and called 911 while also allegedly firing at officers that he thought were criminals breaking in their home. Taylor, who worked as an EMT, was killed when police returned fire. The lawsuit claims that police, who were investigating a drug ring, entered the wrong home and were searching for a suspect who was already in custody.

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