BAEGERA is Shaking the Music Industry with New Single 'Seen You Before'

If you've been feigning for some new vibes during this quarantine, look no further. New and exciting artist Baegera is giving you something to dance to with his hit new single,“ Seen You Before.” The sensual pop afrobeat club track is already topping charts in London and now making it's way to our music and club scenes in the US.

You may be wondering "Who is Baegera?" Baegera is a new, exciting artist from the diverse and cosmopolitan streets of West London. His passion doesn't stop at music, his greatest desire is to inspire others with his music and unique talents by lighting the way for new talent to come through under him. The meaning of his name, defines just who he is; inspired by his heritage – the name in Hindi for ‘black panther’ as referenced in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book as a ‘protector’ and ‘mentor.'

Baegera is also making big moves in the US to continue creating diverse music. He was in Atlanta before COVID-19 really hit, working with top producers like Drumma Boy, Jazze Pha, Londynn B, and more. He shares details of that experience:

“I was invited to Atlanta to work with Super Friendz for a week. The whole team is dope. Working with such great writers we came up with music that I can’t wait to share with the world. Having the taste of Atlanta in the songs and US references. I also worked with KC Pluto, who is a writer having written for Kayne West. I spent a lot of time in the studio and also had the pleasure working with Drummaboy and Jazzy Faye. It was very random when my manager who had returned back to LA said you should go see these legends. It was amazing to these how the Greats work and the process of making music. With Drummer, we came up with like 10 melodies in an hour over different beats. It was just amazing immersing myself with people. During the session at Def Star studios, we had Londoynn B who stopped by Atlanta is a place where music walks the streets and you just bump into people. I loved every moment and really look to go back and work with so many others.”

Once borders began to close due to the coronavirus pandemic, Baegera's visit in the US was unfortunately cut short. He wishes he could be creating new music right now but embraces the interesting timing of his life at the moment.

“I was in Atlanta and had arrangements to go to LA to write with S.O.S who produced my first single “Seen You Before.” The dates were getting delayed as they were in Miami working on another project. I decided to come to London and then return to LA the month after. As soon as I landed back in London, all U.S flights were cancelled. The times are interesting as right now I would be recording new songs."

Baegera speaks of life, love, and all the universal themes in which he draws his influences from across the globe to produce a sensual late-night afrobeat, club vibe. The movers and shakers of the music business are eagerly listening. This is where Baegera’s journey truly begins. Listen HERE , watch below and follow on Instagram @IamBaegera and Facebook @IamBaegera