Man Drowns on FB Live After Friends Dare Him to Jump in Pond for Money!

This is a lesson that needs to be shared for others to stop letting so-called "friends" peer pressure others into doing things they dont want to do!

Video footage captured the horrific incident of a Mississippi man who died after drowning in a pond Saturday afternoon (May 23). The footage, which has now gone viral, shows the man’s friends pressuring him into jumping into a pond and swimming from one end to the next on a dare for money. Once he completed the task, his friends promised to give him cash for a down payment on a car. His friends can be heard taunting him in the background, “I don’t believe his soft a** gone do it.” and “I wanna see his fat a** jump in this bitch,” the guy behind the camera added. Before he took the jump in the pond, he can also be heard saying “I ain’t swam in so long bruh … If I drown, who’s going to come and get me?” Which is exactly what happened. Below is a link to the video.


Do you think his friends should be charged?

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