Venus Williams Launches Sunscreen Line For Women Of Color!

Tennis champion Venus Williams is securing another bag! We see you sis! After spending so much time outdoors throughout the years, sunscreen has been a necessary part of her routine. She found that natural sunscreens left "a white cast" on her skin which has now led her to venture into the skincare business and create a product that caters to women of color.

In an announcement for the product, Venus said, "SPF is a part of my daily routine because I spend so much time outdoors as a result of my job, and through the years I found that a lot of natural sunscreens left a white cast on my skin.”

She is teaming up with Credo Beauty to launch a sunscreen specifically for dark skin types.

Williams continued, "That’s why with EleVen by Venus, we wanted to set a new standard for clean beauty and ensure our sunscreens are versatile, lightweight, and blends with all skin tones. It really works for everyone!”