So Lebron need to “Shut Up & Dribble“ but Drew Brees Can Have an Opinion?

For those who don’t understand the message behind the #blacklivesmatter movement, this should put some things in perspective for you. FoxNews personality, Laura Ingraham, is being called out for her bias in respect to which athletes she deem worthy of having a voice outside of sports.

Remember when Lebron publicly criticized Trump and Ingraham told him to “shut up and dribble?” This same woman has now stood up for Drew Brees, saying he should be “allowed to have his view on what kneeling and the flag means to him” and that this is “beyond football.” See below.

Lebron James has responded with a powerful message and captioned it “you thought I would🤐?? Yeah oook. I’m louder than EVER🗣🗣🗣!!🙏🏾💪🏾✊🏾👑 #blacklivesmatter”

see below.

Thank you to #LebronJames and all celebrities who have taken up for the black community and used their platform to be an even bigger voice for us during this time.