Gay HS Student Banned from Graduation for Wearing Pants Instead of Dress!

Graduating high school is a moment you’ll never forget— but for one South Carolina teen and Class of 2020 graduate, it’ll be a memory she won’t forget for all the wrong reasons. Dynasia Clark, a senior from Lamar High School in Darlington County, says she was banned from walking at her high school graduation because she wore pants instead of a dress.

She was already in attendance that day, preparing to walk the stage and become an official High School Graduate when she found out just before the ceremony that she wouldn’t be able to walk with her classmates.

“I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal, because we’re already here, we’re already fixing to walk but now I can’t go because of a dress code,” Clark told ABC NEWS.

Being openly gay, Clark wanted to feel comfortable in this moment but she didn’t get that chance. The hurt didn’t stop there, though. Clark said what hurt her the most is they didn’t call her name or recognize her at all, even though they knew she was still there; they omitted her from the program.

“That was the part that made me more mad than anything because I was there, you could have still called my name,” she said. “It seems crazy to me. It seems stupid, like petty because it was just an outfit to me.”

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