Police Fatally Shoot Handcuffed Black Man and Appear to Plant Gun on Him!

WARNING: This video is very graphic. Body cam footage shows South Carolina police shoot a handcuffed black man and appear to plant a gun in his pants. They claim he aimed a firearm at them but this footage shows otherwise.

This incident originally happened November 28, 2019 in a Walmart parking lot. Due to the audio being edited out, the shots from the officer’s handgun cannot be heard. However it appears that he fires five to 10 shots at the man from a distance, killing him.

The officer then approached the lifeless body of 28-year-old Ariane McCree and at that point a silver and Black firearm comes into camera view near between McCree’s legs with the officer’s left white hand on it. It’s appears the officer is planting a gun on his dead body. 

What do you think?

See full story HERE

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