Police Use Excessive Force to Arrest an Innocent Black Man, Breaks His Arm!

This video is heartbreaking. Another black man, #AntonioSmith was wrongly arrested on February 8 after being accused of having an arrest warrant. Smith's arm was broken during the incident and he is suing the Valdosta Police department for excessive force. On Monday, after receiving the lawsuit, a 5 minute and 42 second video of body cam footage was released by the city. The video shows police approach Smith about being a suspect while he repeatedly denied any criminal involvement. Another officer walks up to the scene without any questions asked and arrest and slam smith down to the ground; at that point is when his arm breaks. Smith can be heard screaming and crying and pleading to police that something was broken and that he did not do anything wrong. He is seeking compensation and punitive damages in the amount of $700,000. This happened in February.... it's almost July. You do the math! #JusticeforAntonioSmith See video below!