Kanye West in Midst of Bipolar Episode, Family is Concerned!

Kanye West shocked the world with his big annoucement about running for President. Even more shocking, was the interview with FORBES where his thoughts seemed to be all over the place while answering questions. Kanye’s family, the Kardashians, are worried about his mental health.

A source close to Kanye says he’s in the middle of a bipolar episode that has found him announcing a run for president. His interview drew hard criticism from people. During his rambling interview, he dumped Trump, had a strong anti-vaxxing message, claimed he had COVID-19, and said he would run for president as a part of the “birthday party.”

The source says that things will even out for Kanye. Back in 2018 he had a bipolar episode on the set of TMZ Live and confessed he wasn’t on his meds because they stifled his creativity.