A Look Into Black Independent Filmmaking with Mann Robinson!

If you have dreams of becoming a filmmaker Mann Robinson is the guy to talk to! He has over 15 years of experience in the film industry working with major productions and actors. Mann has shared his journey of becoming a successful independent filmmaker in his book A Look Into: Black Independent Filmmaking which is packed with information and acts as a guide or cheat sheet providing the necessary tools for independent filmmakers of color to fulfill their dream of creating a full-fledged movie. 

As an independent filmmaker his films have landed on national platforms such as BET, UMC and more as exclusive content! Troubled Waters is a popular drama film he executive produced starring actors such as Harry Lennix, Robert Patrick, Gina Ross, Rick Fox, and more! Mann also captured everyone’s attention with his film TURNT which starred and was co-produced by Jamal Woolard and his business partner, Torrei Hart. Mann has made sure to stay busy during the pandemic. He shot TURNT 2 , a sequel to his original film TURNT, and helped provide jobs for actors and crew members. Mann and Torrei Hart also just wrapped up production for his new horror/thriller film Sebastian.

As a successful filmmaker, Mann has paved the way and wants to help out those following in his footsteps. He will be giving away a camera to a director who shows that they’re passionate about their career in filmmaking! Follow Mann Robinson to find out more and Get ready for the grand opening of Mann Robinson Studios June 2021!