Twitter Reacts To Marshawn Lynch cursing during appearance on ‘First Take’

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams

Photo: Getty Images North America

We all know, Marshawn Lynch will keep it real live tv or not! Max Kellerman got a friendly reminder of why we call him Beast Mode after having Oakland's own Marshawn Lynch as a guest on 'First Take.' Lynch was responding to Max's question of regarding the Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers saga cursing at the end saying "they were both bull$hitting and the should have been on their p's and q's."

With a smile Max Kellerman reminded Marshawn "It's a family program." Marshawn was quick to hilariously respond with: "And I'm a family man!"

Twitter caught the live moment and hilariously reacted with non stop jokes! Check out the best reactions below!

JIC you wanted to see the full segment, check it out below.

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