Dr Dre Served With Divorce Docs While Attending His Grandma's Funeral!

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This has to be one of the coldest moves in a divorce i've ever heard of! The contentious divorce proceedings between Hip Hop icon Dr. Dre and soon to be ex wife Nicole Young just escalated after Young allegedly had Dr. Dre served with documents pertaining to their divorce, while Dr. Dre was attending his grandmother's funeral!

The incident allegedly occurred on Monday at the graveyard while Dr. Dre was laying his grandmother to rest. A process server for his ex-wife attempted to serve Dre with legal docs at the cemetery where he was burying his grandmother.

Although there is dispute on whether the incident occured in the parking lot or at his grandmother's gravesite, the incident is confirmed by both parties. The papers served surround the payment of Nicole's attorney's fees. Dre has disputed the amount he allegedly is supposed to pay. Dre has already paid $325,433. Their judge signed an order that Dre owed a total of $1,550,000. Dre believes that amount is in error and he paid the full fee. Nicole says the order is clear ... Dre owes a balance of $1,224,567. The legal docs that were served included the judge's final order of $1,550,000.

Regardless, they definitely won't be friends after this divorce.

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