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Ladies if you wanna come up in the groupie game, get a Baseball Player

You always seem to see women go after Football and Basketball Players.

And let me be clear, I'm not talking about independent women who have their own thing going own and pay all they own bills...I'm talking about groupies.

And no I'm not bashing groupies, I'm just saying if you are going to choose that life work smarter not harder.

While all these other women are out here trying to get with a Football player or Basketball player you need to go grab you a baseball player. They got way more money.

The Houston Astros just got the biggest world series bonus check in History $438,901.57....that does not include they're contract and endorsements.

Here's how the rest of the bonuses paid out: 

NY Yankees -- $138kChicago Cubs -- $133k

AZ Diamondbacks -- $40kBoston Red Sox --$36k

Cleveland Indians -- $36k Washington Nationals -- $36k

Colorado Rockies -- $18kMinnesota Twins -- $18k

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