T.I is calling out Houston's once Again!

The King T.I is pissed. 

Now lets take this back a little bit. Back in October T.I put on his activist A town hat and  lead a march and protest against the restaurant Houston's after a black actress and her party were denied seating at the restaurant. 

T.I even started the hashtag #Houstonswehaveaproblem. And this protest was very successful, T.I ended up having a meeting with owners and management and ended up lifting the band off of Houston's end of February early March.

Well now, T.I took to his instagram and went off on Houston's again because a security gaurd physically pulled a woman out of the restroom and threw her in the bushes and this time T.I ain't about no talking, he wants all the smoke! Check out the videos Below!  

And here is the alleged assault!