Mike Tyson Drops a Music Video for His Soulja Boy Diss Track “If You Show Up”

If you thought that the Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown beef couldn't get any stupider, you are absolutely wrong!!!  If you haven't heard, Mike Tyson is supposed to be training Chris Brown for the fight and Floyd Mayweather is allegedly training Soulja Boy. 

Mike Tyson couldn't just stay in the ring he decided to get in the studio make a diss track to Soulja Boy! He even shot a video and its below;

*Even though Mike Tyson doesn’t have a voice for hip hop his lyrics aren’t the worst, I’ve heard worst more trash verses in real hit recors,

*Mike Tyson is hip hop he got a charges, hes got a dumb ass tat on his face, and he hit plenty bad chicks…and he been doing all the drugs your favorite just now rapping bout since the 80’s