My thoughts on Donald Trump meeting with Steve Harvey

This past weekend Donald Trump met with different people in the black community at Trump Towers. Our very own Steve Harvey was on of them, also he met with Martin Luther King Jr III on Martin Luther King Day.

I'm gonna get straight to it....I see a lot of people are calling Steve Harvey a coon for taking the meeting and he's been getting a lot of backlash.

I honestly feel like the name calling and treatment is a bit harsh. I think Steve Harvey went to that meeting with good intentions, but I think Donald Trump set that man out! He had what Steve Harvey called a productive meeting and then just left him to the wolves...and that is the media! 

Steve didn't get a chance to get his thoughts together, he didn't get a chance to reflect, he literally got off the elevator and started talking. And I also feel like if Donald Trump is really serious about helping urban communities and inner cities and the black community, then he would meet with community leaders and not somebody who hosts family feud. This is no  knock to Steve Harvey but he not in the inner cities and the hood no more! He been rich a long time, Trump need to meet with some folks in the struggle if he is really genuine about helping the black community!