Nick Cannon may have exposed that Beyonce is lying about her Age

This is kind of juicy. So stay with me. 

Nick Cannon may have accidentally dry snitched on Beyonce... He posted a picture of him and Beyonce talking years back and in the caption it read " 

#TBT Even in the 90's I was always shootin my shot!!! @Beyonce was looking at me like "Little Boy Please!!" 😂😕 In my teenage days I used to stalk Destiny's Child! LOL Poppa Knowles was not feeling me at all!!"  

This exposes Beyonce's age because if you look up Beyonce's age on the internet they have her at 35 and Nick Cannon's age at 36...

And the thing is, I believe Nick. He has no reason to lie. If Beyonce look at him like a lil boy she was probably older...So my new theory which is not backed up by much evidence other than this is Beyonce is not 35 she is 40! 

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