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Chris Brown Releases Tracklist for New Album titled 'Heartbreak on a Full Moon'

For all you team breezy heads still holdin' the kid down....You're a real one. 

The saying patience is a virtue will soon live up to it's name because Chris Brown recently revealed he will be dropping a two-disc album titled Heartbreak on a Full Moon

The 27-year old "Party" singer must have poured his heart, soul and other things  in his album that will house 40-tracks, he recently unveiled on Twitter. 

Check out the Heartbreak on a Full Moon track list below: 

Disc 1

1. “Lost and Found”

2. “Tempo”

3. “Confidence”

4. “Privacy”

5. “Juicy Booty”

6. “Tough Love”

7. “Paradise”

8. “Covered In You”

9. “Party” Feat. Gucci Mane and Usher

10. “Even”

11. “Roses”

12. “Pull Up”

13. “Heartbreak on a Full Moon”

14. “Hurt The Same”

15. “Tell Me What 2 Do”

16. “I Love Her”

17. “You Like”

18. “This Ain’t”

19. “Sip”

20. “Stranger”

Disc 2

21. “Summer Breeze”

22. “Enemy”

23. “Reddi Whip”

24. “I Pour Down”

25. “Hope You Do”

26. “No Exit”

27. “This Way”

28. “Frustrated”

29. “Bite My Tongue”

30. “Daylight Savings”

31. Handle It”

32. “Otha Niggas”

33. “Nowhere”

34. “Secret”

35. “All In”

36. “Only For Me”

37. “Yellow Tape”

38. “Questions”

39. “Emotions”

40. “Last All Night”

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