Bow Wow Gives A "Scientific Reason" Behind Being Exposed Over "His" Private Jet Plane

Bow Wow might understand something that we don't and quite frankly never will. He attempted to explain exactly how his private jet fiasco that turned into a complete roasting via the Internet happened. 

“Off top, I love it, because people don’t understand the scientific method to my madness,” a confident Bow Wow reveals during the episode. “Number one, I’m about to have the biggest show on WE TV period. Period. I’m saying that right now. Period…you gotta just watch the show.” 

He went on to say he's not worried about the backlash he received because people within his inner circle, which include Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg roast each other every day. Regardless of that fact, Bow Wow seems to ignore the fact that it wasn't his private jet and if he wasn't caught by a stranger on the way to New York, we'd all assume he was a "big baller".