Nashville officer who shot, killed Jocques Clemmons won’t be charged

Metro-Nashville police officer Josh Lippert will not face state criminal charges for the Feb. 10 shooting death of Jocques Clemmons.

Officer Lippert shot and killed the 31-year-old man during a confrontation on South Sixth Street in the James Cayce public housing development during a traffic stop.

According to an investigative report, Lippert stopped Clemmons after he did not stop at a stop sign at South Sixth and Summer Place.

The report, released by Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk, stated, “Independent witness Person 1 was in the parking lot when these events occurred. She was a short distance from the incident. She observed Mr. Clemmons with a handgun. Person 1 observed Mr. Clemmons arm himself by picking the handgun off the ground during the altercation with Officer Lippert. The statements of Person 1 and Officer Lippert corroborate each other, and both of their statements are sufficiently corroborated by MDHA video.”