Yall gotta chill, Its not quite Summer Yet!

Now I know a lot of people are excited about it starting to warm up, as you should be. Nobody enjoys being locked inside the house, or having to drive on ice or have to be late for work because you gotta let your car warm up...I get it I'm excited too.

But sometimes people we jump the gun, just because its starting to warm up a little bit does not mean its time to jump into full fledged summer mode....

Earlier today, I was at Phatkaps. And this brother walked in pants saggin and didn't have a shirt on, thats right he was bare backed, mind you he was kind of big so he had man boobs  and this brother proceeded to be like "ah yall ain't got no tank tops?" 

And thats when I was like idk how hot this brother thinks it is today, one not to have on a shirt at all and two to think this is tank top weather...

So I just want to let yall know that it is not quite summer time.... When that sun go down its gon get good a chili, you might even need a jacket.

And I've also been seeing a lot of pool parties lately.. Yall gotta chill this is how you catch pneumonia , as my mama used to say the ground still cold...All yall going to pool parties this Saturday gon be the first ones calling off work Monday cuz you sick...

Its not quite summer yet yall! Chill!  

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