New iPhone 8 Rumored To Be As High As $1,400!

Apple is rumored to be releasing it's latest model iPhone, the 8, for it's 10th anniversary in September later this year. Exciting right? Everyone wants the new iPhone as soon as it comes out...but is everything willing to drop the cash for it? The new iPhone 8 is also rumored to but a little (A LOT TF?!) high up in surpassing a grand. Like...take $1,000..and add $400.....still want the 8?

If you ask me, that is absolutely ridiculous....but if you ask tech writer Christopher Mims, he says otherwise. He makes a five-point case for such a price point in the Wall Street Journal. Among them: A high-end phone would boost the company's brand, make people "lust" for it, and function as a "halo device," as when a car company puts out an uber-expensive top model. People might not shell out the highest price, but they may be more likely to scoop up lesser models. Plus, it would help the "single most important metric on its balance sheet"—the average selling price of phones.

On the contrary, at Forbes, Mark Rogowsky offers a point-by-point rebuttal to Mims' piece, concluding that "Apple already has more money than it can intelligently deploy; it should be figuring out how to grow its base, not its cash." Putting out a $1,400 phone "might do the latter, but isn't in line with what made Apple the company it is today.