Kevin Hart Confesses..and now this Pic comes out!!

So Kevin Hart decided to post a video apologizing to his wife and kids for wrong he had done. He also mentioned that he would rather tell on himself than to pay someone for his wrong doings.

If you missed it, here is the video

My thing is Kev if you decide to pay her or not she got evidence on you. So if I were you I would be trying to save my wife from public embarrassment. I think the best way to do that is to pay and then tell her, that way you two can handle things behind closed doors.

By deciding not to pay, it seems as if you wanna save your money more than saving your wife.

And under no circumstances even if you do decide not to pay, I wouldn't tell on myself. NEVER! You gotta DENY, and IGNORE and let this pass over.

But in other news its business as usual with Kev...He's back on set and dropped a new mobile game!