Lipscomb university under fire for racist dinner!

The centerpiece on the table was supposed to represent the fall season, but the stalks of cotton didn’t set well with some students.

Deion Sims was at the dinner last Thursday at the home of President Dr. Randy Lowry so he could hear their concerns and what the university could do better, but he and others took offense to what was on the center on the tables–and what was on the menu as well.

“I think the most offensive thing was the cotton centerpieces,” Sims said.

He went on to say, “At the dinner, we had heard previously from Latino students fajitas and then when we got there it was collard greens, cornbread and ribs and such.”

Lowry took full responsible for the centerpieces, even though he didn’t choose them personally.

“I understand, at least at a small level, the offense and the hurt, and I think as a Christian my obligation is to take responsibility and be accountable,” Lowry said.