3 Gifts you can give your Bae if you are Broke for the Holidays!

If you are running a little low on holiday cash,  I got you with a few things you can give your  during the holidays! 

1. Attention: Thats right attention can be a gift, send a thoughtful text message ( not the standard Merry Christmas that is annoying)  or call a friend and tell them how much you appreciate them.

2. Compliments: Just compliment your significant other! Tell them how much you care since you cant't show it with gifts

3. Pull the "I don't believe in the gift giving of Christmas" ...Just say how you will not be apart of todays capitolistic society that uses holidays like Christmas for financial gain!

Now warning: If listening and this results in a break up, you're on your own and Zach Boog Radio is not responsible! 

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