Mom Charges Her 5 year old Daughter Rent....


There is a mom in Georgia who is making her 5 year old pay bills to show her what real life is going to be like. She gives her daughter $7 a month and she pays $1 for rent, $1 for water, $1 electricity, $1 food, and $1 for cable leaving the little girl with 2 dollars.

This went viral and some people are supporting it while others are saying she's not letting her daughter be a kid.

But I really don't see anything wrong with it, I personally wouldn't do it to my kid at 5 but I don't think its a problem.

I live by the rule if you take care of your kids and are with them everyday I have no right to tell you that Your parenting is wrong. I got my way you got yours ain't one right way! So salute to this lady teaching her daughter something! 

Zach Boog

Zach Boog

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