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Haters are claiming Fake Assault at Black Panther Screening

This is a sad reality but a very true one. 

But in 2018, (They) can't take all this black excellence thats happening right now.

As you know Black Panther came out this weekend, and will most likely be the largest grossing film in a single weekend history. 

This movie has the story line of an African Kingdom and a all African American cast.

Not to mention how black folk are showing up to the movies. My people coming in full African garment, bringing African dishes, basically the movie theater is just one big family reunion and everybody is cousins and extended family.

And this is making a lot of people mad. So much so that they are making up false stories and saying they were assaulted at the movie theaters where Black Panther is being shown.


So we gon keep going harder. 

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