Fabolous threatens Emily B's Dad

Man there is a video that was just dropped that has Fabolous completely out of his character well at least out of his rap persona.

So yesterday I saw an article that said that Fabolous allegedly punched out his girlfriends Emily B's front two teeth. And I can't lie when I first heard it I was like that doesn't sound like Fab...I don't think he would do that...

But this morning a video dropped of Fab arguing with Emily B and Emily B's father where he threatens to shoot her dad... and his charging at Emily B..

So I immediately said oh wooooo! Fab may have knocked her teeth out! 

Allegedly Fab was upset that Emily B had her father and brother come to Fab and her house to take guns that she was scared he was going to use on her! 

This tells me you really never know whats going on behind closed doors as cool and calm as somebody may seem you never know!