The Royal wedding has caused a double standard!

The first thing I want to say is congratulations to the Duke and Duchees Harry and Meghan they had beautiful fairytale wedding and it was beautiful.

But as I checked my social media I couldn't help but notice the double standard when it comes to bi-racial marriages.

How is it that black women are upset when black men marry white men but yet celebrate the Union of a black woman and a white Prince.

Just last week Donald Glover was the topic of discussion after he dropped his controversial video this is America. People brought up the fact that he is married to a white woman.

Black women still upset that Taye Diggs is married to white woman.

Kanye was just in the news and the word was if Kanye was with a black woman he wouldn't be spassing out right now.

So my question is why are black women celebrating a black woman marrying a white man but have a problem with Black men marring white women??

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