Nicki Minaj gets backlash from SNL performance

So Nicki Minaj performed on SNL last night and it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

She was performing her new hit record "Chun Li" and it looked like she was trying to bring the song to life.

She had an Asian style background, chopsticks in her hair and Nicki says she was paying homage to  Capcom's first female Street Fighter character but that was considered cultural appropriation.

Barbz weren't far behind standing for their leader to explain that there was no appropriation since there was no malice or disrespect in the show.

Now I personally think they people complaining are being extreme but it comes to the bottom line that people don't like Nicki Minaj no more. I don't know why but people aint rocking with her like that.

I think she needs to be more authentic shes always playing characters and people want the real right now and thats why Cardi B is winning!