Kanye is back on Twitter talking more sh**!

Kanye West is about the only person who makes me crack open my twitter App and read his tweets. You literally never know what this man is gonna say! And people have been extra critical of Kanye because of his most recent rants. He was showing love to Donald Trump. Wearing a MAGA hat and some more ish. It got to the point where we were like "Ok Kanye its time to put the phone down now.

Well Kanye is back on twitter and this time I must admit I agree with his thoughts on this one! Kanye talks about how we are addicted to our phones. And the thing is I was just talking about how I am addicted to my phone on my new Podcast "Consistently Inconsistent".

Kanye also went on to talk about Edward Bernays the father of Propoganda! 

Check out Ye's latest rant below: