Nicki Minaj jumps in the Drake Pusha T Beef!

Now the last time Drake was in some rap beef Nicki Minaj didn't say a word. She was quiet and that put a strain between her and Drake's relationship.

But in her defense she had a good reason not to pick sides due to the fact that she was dating Meek Mill the guy Drake was beefing with.

So now that she is out of that relationship with Meek and her and Drake are back on good terms Nicki is not going to make the same mistake twice! 

As you should already know Drake put out a diss record on Pusha T called "Duppy Freestyle" which was a response to the record "Infared" which was on Pusha T's new album "Daytona".

And in Pusha's record he mentions that Drake doesn't write his own rhymes! 

Here is what Queen Nicki Minaj had to say about Pusha T's record! 

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