Jaheim finally responds to that hilarious meme about him

Everybody has been going in on Brother Jaheim! All he did was post a picture, but you know the internet has no chill and shows no mercy when it comes to clowning celebrities. Well Jaheim was the latest victim.

Somebody made a meme out of a pictur Jaheim posted saying "This how you end up looking when you put that woman first". Everyone has been going in on this picture.

From internet trolls to even celebrities! The Game when in on Jaheim, even Tank went in. Well finally Jaheim has responded.

"Spent a full day in my homeland in the city of New Brunswick, it was like being in the twilight zone so much going on and everything has changed saw ppl I haven't seen in years always good to see people or to eat at 5 star restaurant's like (Veganized) they have really grand food & service and tastes so good.Tell them I sent you."

Then he went on to say:

New music is in the air and it's traveling from me to your ears my heart to your heart can you feel the pulse running through your spine all the way to your BiG toe haha well I feel it all in my shoes."