Nicki Minaj says that her and Eminem are Dating!

On to the next! 

At first I thought this was a joke! I thought they were playing and they might be. But you know how some people start out as playing and as a joke but then the next thing you know they together! 

But anyway, Eminem was performing and yelled to the crowd: "I'm going to tell you something about Nicki that she don't even know. I know she's gonna see this," he said to Mr. Porter. "Nicki! Let's do this! We go together! 

And Nicki responded: The sound of him screaming my name just completely confirmed to me in my head that I’m extremely & utterly afraid of Slim Shady😭 y’all know he BEEN tf CRAZY! If he saywe go together then bitch we go togeva!

So what do you think? Are they still just playing!