Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals she has a sex toy Addiction

Now usually when you speak of addiction, you think about it as a bad thing. You may be concerned and say "Lets get this person some help! 

Well this is not what happened when I found out about Jada Pinkett Smith's addiction to sex toys! 

It actually turned me on! 

Jada Pinkett Smith admitted to being addicted to sex toys at a time when she wasn't dealing with men. 

She said:

“I think by your age, I gave myself multiples, first,” Jada said talking to Telana. “Multiple orgasms. I was really into it at one point. Just because I was in an exploration state and I was abstaining from men. And I actually think I went through kind of an addiction too with it. And then one day, I was like, ‘Enough. You’re having five orgasms a day.'”

Like I said this shouldn't turn me on but it did!!