Ice Cube Speaks on "What is going too far" on a diss record

The OG legend Ice Cube was on Big Boy in the morning in LA, and was asked in in reference to the Pusha T and Drake Beef what was considered off limits on a diss record.

And if it is anyone who is qualified to answer this, it is no other than Ice Cube who wrote the infamous "No Vaseline" diss record back in his day! 

While on ‘Big Boy in the Neighborhood,’ Cube was asked if there is such thing as going too far on a diss track. Cube said “Yes, you know family, kids, deceased relatives. I think that’s going too far. I think you just gotta stick with the person.”

He went on to say if anyone was to go after his kids on wax, it becomes more than a diss record at that point.

Check out the entire interview below!