Oh so this is why Toni Braxton Postponed the Birdman Wedding!

Can we be honest for a second?

We had no idea that Birdman and Toni Braxton were going to be a couple and we really thought if they were a couple it would have been long over by now!

Well we all were surprised when we heard the news that they were getting engaged! 

But recently things have died down and we been wondering when are they going to get married?

Well here is the reason she revealed on the Braxton family tv show: 

Y’all gotta help me with the wedding,” said Toni to Towanda and Trina. “I don’t have a wedding date. B and I got engaged seven months ago, but we haven’t set a date because of my schedule. I hate that. You’re supposed to set a date and stick to it. But unfortunately in our business it can be challenging sometimes.”

Ok so no need to worry...I think!