Nicki Minaj Responds to her boyfriend being on the sex offender list!

Kenneth "Zoo" Petty is the name of NIcki MInaj's new man! 

But you know the internet never lets anyone be happy! After research the internet goons have found out that her man is on the sex offender registry. According to Hollywood Life, Petty was convicted of raping a 16-old-girl in 1995 when he was a teenager. 

Nicki reponded saying : "No one on social media has ever sinned. They are all perfect. They piss champagne & walk on streets of gold. Everyone on social media is now a psychic. They not only tell the future, but the past too. They are your judge, jury & executioner. I never meet these perfect ppl in real life tho. They exist only on social media." 

Nicki being with a regular guy makes me feel like I had a shot.

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